Karen Tsoi

R. TCMP (Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner)

Areas of Clinical Focus: Chronic & Acute Pain Management • Depression & Anxiety • Gynecology & Fertility • Digestive Problems • Facial Rejuvenation

Languages of Service: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Karen Tsoi's journey to becoming a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner began with a single fateful trip, during which she saw her friend almost drown before being saved by an emergency acupuncture treatment. In that moment, she was reminded of all the folk remedies from her youth that she took for granted, having no idea at the time just how powerful TCM could be. This experience inspired her to return to her roots to learn more about this mysterious, "mystical" practice and, potentially, how she could use it to benefit people. She trained at the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TSTCM), where she graduated from the Advanced TCM program, and where she has since gone on to become a member of their faculty.

Karen’s goal with Traditional Chinese Medicine is not only to provide treatment, but also to help educate the modern world on how this ancient medical wisdom can help them. She explains to her patients in detail the cause and effect of their conditions, arming them with knowledge and inviting them to actively participate in their healing journey. Karen is also an avid cook, and since a healthy diet is a great compliment to TCM treatments, she loves to teach her patients about various food properties and help them fine-tune their diets and lifestyles.

Karen continues to improve her craft by taking specialty courses and practicing Tai Chi so she can transfer its benefits to her patients. She is excited to add another source of experience to her arsenal: learning by practicing alongside her fellow practitioners at Tzu Chi Clinic.