Seeking Relief for Work-from-Home’s Many Headaches?



Achy? Tired? Headache? If you’re working from home, it may come as a surprise that you’re in such a state of discomfort. It’s easy to forget about your posture and the health of your schedule when you’re working at home. All these little bad habits have a way of adding up and multiplying dramatically over time.

Some bad work-from-home habits can all lead to headaches, neck aches, backaches, and other spontaneous pains. - Tzu Chi Clinic Canada Pain Therapy
Some bad work-from-home habits can all lead to headaches, neck aches, backaches, and other spontaneous pains. (Photo: Adobe Stock)


There are many little problems that the “work from home” crowd are prone to suffering from. This includes poor posture, long hours spent sitting around, no scheduled breaks, and the stress of meeting deadlines. These habits can all lead to headaches, neck aches, backaches, and other spontaneous pains. Some of these pains can develop into chronic conditions that can cause serious issues if left untreated. Luckily, there’s something you can do to mitigate that risk.


What can you do for Work-from-home pains?

Here are some ways you can do to prevent Work-from-home pains to become chronic situations.


Reduce Stress

In our fast-paced society, stress can cause a myriad of problems to your body. Anything from muscle tension to long-term heart and digestive problems. This is why stress management is extremely important. Yet, everybody is different, and no single method works flawlessly for everyone. So we recommend trying different things out. Yoga, exercise, meditations or seeing a psychotherapist can be a good way to start.


Watch your posture

Posture is both important and easy to forget about. Long hours working in front of a computer with poor posture can lead to headaches, neck aches, and other pains. Working on a couch or an armchair with a deep seat can be detrimental to your posture, regardless of how comfortable it feels. It is best to work from an upright position, with both feet on the floor or a footrest so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Adjust the armrest, so your arm rests gently with your shoulder relaxed. Roll back your shoulders and tuck in your chin so your upper traps (Upper back and neck) are not constantly engaged, which may lead to tightness and pain. 


Take Breaks and Manage Your Time

When working at home, the boundaries between professional and personal life are blurred. People often work overtime or forget to take meal breaks. Eating untimely can lead to digestive problems like bloating, acid reflux, or irregular bowels. It is important to set up regular meal schedules and avoid snacking constantly throughout the day. Give yourself enough time during the break so that you do not dive into work right after eating. Remember, you only get one body. Don’t push it too hard.

These are some good habits you should be practising to maintain a healthy body. Yet, some pains are unavoidable, no matter how much you try. After all, things like stress can easily produce their own symptoms independent of any bad posture or work habits you may have.


What if I am still having trouble/my problems are more complicated?
Work-From-Home Pain Therapy

This is where we come in! As practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we can help. Our new Work From Home (WFH) Pain Therapy program using TCM theory can help the body naturally seek to restore its own balance.

Starting with a consultation session, we will work with you to uncover the underlying source of your pain and stress. From general habits to specific dysfunctions of the body, we will systematically examine your ailments. Some issues may be deep-rooted and chronic, which may not be so easy to deal with by yourself. After an assessment, we will then help you correct the imbalance in the system. To benefit the health of everyone working at home, we’re currently offering a free 15 minutes of in-person consultation to start off your journey towards work-from-home pain relief.

Stay well, and we hope to see you soon.


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